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Returns & Guarantees

How to return items of proper quality

When you buy jewels online, you can’t be sure that its colour and size will give the best fit. That’s why we increased the standard term of return from 14 to 100 days since the moment you got your order. During this term you can return your money or choose a replacement to your item. Please check that all these conditions are met.

  • Not more than 100 days passed since you received your order
  • You didn’t wear the jewel and its trade dress wasn’t damaged
  • You kept the package and tags on the jewel

After checking all these conditions phone us +7 903 263 13 41 or write Pay attention to the fact that the price of shipping is not returned.

How to return items of improper quality

When you receive the order examine it carefully. Splits may rarely appear during the transportation, although we always check the parcels are packed properly. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that gems may have cracks and little splits in its initial appearance, it distinguishes them from fakes. On jewel’s photos you’ll see all these features at once, compare them with the item you have received.

If you have determined that the item is defective or has been damaged during the transportation, make its photograph and send to Our experts will try to ascertain the reason of the defect and answer you as soon as possible. In case the reject is confirmed, you’ll be returned the money both for the item and shipping. Also providing this jewel is available it can be replaced.


Yaroslavna Dobryanskaya provides her creations a year’s guarantee. During this term you may turn to our online-store concerning maintenance and it will be absolutely free. On the expiry of the first year you can still bring your adornment in case you need to repair it, but the price will be calculated individually. On average it is about $10-15.

It is also important that items of YAROSLAVNA are never repeated, so there is a possibility that in 1-2 years after your purchase we won’t have the same stones. However, for every customer we try to sort out the best decision that will give a second life to our jewels.

Compliance with photographs

Yaroslavna Favourite pays much attention to the quality and quantity of the photos for you to choose easily what you’ll really like. However, every natural stone is unique, that’s why the same jewel can differ in colour or size of a particular gem. A slight alteration of colour may also be caused by different settings of monitors.

If the jewel differs from the photograph, our manager will necessarily inform you. You can also write your requests in your order.